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World-Renowned Authors Who Have Appeared on



  • Alison Vaughn                                       Simon T. Bailey

  • Ambassador Delano E. Lewis                   Brittany Hennessy

  • Bernadette Stanis                                   Areva Martin, Esq

  • Bertice Berry                                         Bob Burg

  • Burgess Owens                                     Steven A. Bollar

  • Cora Daniels                                        Tony Rose 

  • Dr. Barbara Blackburn                            Melody Peterson

  • Dr. Dennis Kimbro                                 Carlita Hodges

  • Dr. Eban Alexander                               David C. Banks

  • Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr.

  • Dr. Ruby Payne

  • Dr. Steve Perry

  • Dr. Virgil Wood

  • Isaac Newton Farris, Jr.

  • J.J. Birden

  • Jackie Gingrich Cushman

  • Judge Glenda Hatchett

  • Karen Hunter

  • Kimberla Lawson-Roby

  • Lin Hart

  • Mark Anthony

  • Maxine Jones

  • Nikki Giovanni

  • Nikki Woods

  • Omar Tyree

  • Rev. Dr. Alveda King

  • Valerie Burton

  • Walter L. Fields, Jr.

Listen to an Interview 

Ms. Bernadette Stanis a.k.a. Thelma from Good Times

" I was always happy doing my talk show, but that happiness reached a depth of fulfillment and of joy that I really can't describe to you or measure when I stopped just being on TV  and looking at TV as a job. I decided to use television. To use it and not have it use me. To use it as a platform to serve my viewers. That alone changed the trajectory of my success." 


Oprah Winfrey